Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Song of the Moment: "Transmissions from a Lonely Room"

"Transmissions from a Lonely Room" by Stone Temple Pilots, found on Shangri-La Dee Da

Sweet, savory, silky, and sticky.

For most of their career, STP drew comparisons to the Seattle grunge scene and Led Zeppelin, often spat from lips that lay below upturned noses. As their career moved forward, however, they seemed to grow more and more comfortable peeling back that hard edge they'd honed so well and letting some of their other influences bleed through, such as David Bowie and the inimitable Beatles. (I have a hunch that Weiland was mostly responsible for said bands' influence in their music, but it's only a hunch.)

There are a number of songs in their catalog that wear all of these influences well, but I feel like this is one of the best examples. Just listen. It's almost like George Harrison and John Bonham are in there somewhere, the eastern-tinged psychedelia coating the silky groove at the core as caramel and sprinkles might cover an apple. Can't you just imagine yourself laying on the grass, staring up at a baby-blue sky filled with cotton-candy clouds that dance - and just a little bit dirty - as they whisk past?

And isn't that the perfect mood for a beautiful, lazy summer day? As I sit outside in 80ยบ weather with a beer, and a book, it sure seems like it to me. Pitch perfect, you might say.

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