Tuesday, August 10, 2010


A week ago, my friend Wiggles invited a bunch of people to descend on a local coffee house and 'gami the place up.

Said coffee place: Trabant Coffee & Chai, U-District, Seattle
Photo Credit: Coffeehouse Reviews
And so we did. So we did. And in fine style. Here, we see a group of seemingly normal people practicing the black art of the origami upstairs in the shadowed eves of Trabant.

And would you look at our creations!

I, myself, made a sailboat or two.

Mostly so I could go fishing.

Finally, I made myself a nice, uber throwing star.

I wanted to get everyone to make one so that we could then dress up as ninjas and confront the Seafair Pirates, but unfortunately no one was having it.

Next year, pirates. Next year.

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