Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Search for New Music

Every once in a while, I get on this kick where I want need to find new, amazing music. (Never mind the ridiculousness of that compulsion when I already have almost 350 artists spread over more than 6100 tracks in my catalog, just go with it.) I thought I'd satiate this desire to gorge with my SoundBoard party idea. I actually managed to inaugurate the event a few weeks ago and it went fantastically - so much so that it made this desire to engorge grow even larger.

So, since we just ended a year and a decade, I went in search of best-of lists and have been slowly traipsing through them. In case you're interested (you're not), I thought I'd share them with you:

Sputnik - Best of 2009 (Staff)
Sputnik - Best of 2009 (Users)
AllMusic - Best of 2009
Pitchfork - Best of 2009
Sputnik - Best of 2010 (Staff)
AllMusic - Best of 2010
Pitchfork - Best of 2010
Sputnik - Best of the Decade (Staff)
Sputnik - Best of the Decade (Users)
Pitchfork - Best of the Decade
Paste - Best of the Decade
OneThirtyBPM - Best of the Decade

Preview any of them you want via Grooveshark and join me in my over-self-indulgence.

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