Monday, November 29, 2010

Project SoundBoard

My dad and I have this tradition whenever we hang out: we each choose a couple of albums that we love, and we just put them on. We sit, listen, analyze, compare. It's a lot of fun for us but probably no one else. I mean, seriously, who does nothing but hang out and listen to music? Still, this is something I've wanted to do with some friends for a long time. So last night I came up with an idea that would allow me to have my cake and eat it, too. I know there are friends of mine who love music, so I thought of a way to do this that could be fun for everyone.

I figured that this would work best if I combined it with another activity, since I'd probably have more luck inviting 10 people to a ritual killing than to sit in silence in my living room for hours on end. Board games seemed like an obvious choice, hence the name Project SoundBoard (if you're *facepalm*-ing, then I've done my job correctly).

Basically the idea is people would come over on a biweekly basis and bring food/booze/games and, of course, music. Specifically, they'd bring over an album that they really loved and wanted to share with people. Albums would get played in a random order, with preference being given to those who didn't get to play something the previous meeting. We'd keep going until people got bored and wanted to go home. Good music, good games, good people. Not a bad idea, no?

I field tested it with a small group of friends whom I felt would be more likely to be into such a thing, but unfortunately it has so far drawn more crickets than participants. But there has to be someone I know that's interested in this kind of thing. I mean, I'm not that weird, am I? (... Don't answer that.)

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