Monday, November 22, 2010

Wtf Metro

Miss Cranky Pants over a Publicola is right to lambaste the county for pulling real-time bus info out from under anxious bus riders on this unusually snowy day in the Pacific Northwest. Seriously, Metro, that was just plain bone-headed. You've clearly planned ahead for this storm much better than you did for Snowpocalypse 2008, I'll grant you that, but you've clearly not correctly anticipated the needs of your riders, which is arguably your first priority.

It really wasn't that hard to do this right. You add and remove routes from your database all the time, and clearly OneBusAway already anticipates this. Would adding snow routes to that database and letting things continue as usual really have been that hard? I mean, you've only had 2 years.

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Anna said...

Apparently the fact that they're radio-ing in messed with the system too much or something. Cliff Mass wrote about it too. I stayed home.

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