Friday, October 22, 2010

UX Quickie: Don't Tempt Me, Domino's

It's a Friday night. I'm home alone, starting to pack for my move - in other words, being very, very boring. I have exercised enough this week/today to earn me a Friday night pizza. So I go to, which is my standby when I want something cheapish and still edible, and browse through their coupons. I find this:

[insert standard Homer phrase here]
Sweet! $5 for a personal pizza? I'm so there, man.

... Well, then. That begs the obvious question: if I can't use that deal, why did you offer it to me? I mean, really. If it's not an option, don't make it an option. That's not rocket surgery (to steal a phrase from the inimitable Mr. Krug). Your system obviously knows when the deal is available - it did just tell me - just, you know, don't display it when it isn't.

Speaking of telling me when the deal is available, clearly this is designed to restrict these deals to lunchtime ... but does anyone have any idea when 0:00am is? More importantly, what does the system think 0:00am is? Well, 0:00 = midnight on the military clock. And, as it happens, there are plenty of Domino's stores that deliver past midnight. Who wants to order a bunch of lunchtime specials for midnight snacks? :D

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