Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Song of the Moment: "Hell & Consequences"

"Hell & Consequences" by Stone Sour found on Come What(ever) May

I remember I was in high school when Slipknot first scorched the earth with their presence. Wait and Bleed rocked my 15-year-old world, finishing the job started by the likes of Nirvana of beating, breaking, and resetting my musical appetites, turning me onto the world of metal and hard rock for good. Ultimately I found the rest of their repertoire to be a disappointment; the potent blend of melody and ferocity is what drew me in, and Wait and Bleed turned out to be a lone ranger rather than a harbinger of things to come. Instead I turned to bands like Sevendust, Nothingface, and Alter Bridge, following them with the kind of loyalty seldom found outside of army barracks and frat houses.

And then Stone Sour landed. I won't say that they're my favorite band - I wouldn't rank them above the others I've already mentioned - but they became, at long last, a fulfillment of the promise Corey Taylor made to me. Their recent birthing of a 3rd album became an impetus to re-examine a catalog which had collected a bit too much dust lately, and I find the above to be one of my favorite of their works. It's a great tapestry of heavy riffs, soaring vocals, hooks, and just enough originality to keep it from fading into the background.

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